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DISCLAIMER: We at Vaktare Moto Gear strive to bring you the highest quality and protective materials in our garments. We use durable, industry standard materials. The nature of motorcycle riding has danger written into it as we all know. Our garments are made to help lessen the results of a crash or collision. The safety of our customers and fellow riders is our prime concern. That being said, the road in all its glory is often times unpredictable. Our garments are in no way meant to prevent collisions or shield the body 100% of all injury. We aim for a perfect balance of uncompromising protection and uncompromising style, however we cannot be liable for any injuries sustained while wearing our protective gear as every crash is different and varies drastically.
By your use or purchase from this site you agree to forgo all liability of Vaktare MG for any injuries incurred from the use of our products whatsoever. By the use of our website the consumer agrees to forfeit all right to pursue any lawsuits against Vaktare Motor Gear for any reason.

We as a company do not make any claims, but we use time tested and industry tested materials that have been shown to work. Crash testing on the materials used in some of our products have been done by reputable sources in the U.K. where regulation is tighter. Be aware the road can be a dangerous place for riders, we want to make it safer for you by providing gear that may reduce injury.
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