Our goal is to create motorcycle apparel like no other. Clothing that uses time tested industry standard safety materials coupled with fashion foward and stylish designs. We then add features that are so comfortable every single ride, whether it be 10 or 1000 miles, will be with the freedom motorcycle riding is all about. 
VKTRE is a collection devoted to the sychronization of two worlds; fashion and the motorcycle industry. We produce garments that seamlessly provide safety and high functioning fashionable wear. Our collection was developed using the motorcycle industries leading technologies for abrasion resistance and impact protection. 
 Our aim is to bring motorcycle and scooter riders into everyday practical life. Riding and arriving to social events under-protected or in bulky uncomfortable leathers is no longer necessary. We give you the ability to blend in seamlessly with your environment. 
Most motorcycle gear companies offer two options: stylish or protective. They either use highly fashionable materials or industrial products such as cordura, thick leather, and raw kevlar. We provide functional safety and fashionable style together in all of our products. By mixing the two worlds of fashion and motorgear we have created garments that have both industry standard textiles (1000D cordura, Kevlar, etc.) well hidden away, while the high quality materials like wool help to aid in fall protection and offer eloquent style.
The VKTRE Collection was created to bridge a gap that we believe has been under-developed for too long. It was a concept created by riders, for riders. How could we create high quality motorwear that both provides protection and style? How could we make it so what we wear on the motorcycle could inspire confidence on and off the bike alike? The answer was a long process of research, development and a merge of fashion design and industrial motorcycle technologies. At long last we have developed a line that has been developed in a multi-step process by two teams (fashion designers and motorcycle protective clothing designers), coming together as one in order to change the tide of motorcycle and scooter gear. 
We believe we hit the mark with our collection.
Made in Los Angeles, California. The highest level of quality control is implemented into our process. We want each and every customer to feel invincible, confident, and comfortable. 
Step inside our world and feel the difference,